‘We Want A Break From It’: Justin Bieber’s ‘Love Me Harder’ Fails To Hit $10M at the Box Office – Deadline.com

Justin Bieber is finally set to get his big break at the box office after his latest hit, ‘Love You Harder’, failed to make its $10 million debut at the domestic box office. 

The singer’s fourth studio album, ‘Bad Blood’, has grossed $5 million at the worldwide box office this year, and is set to take in more than $1 billion in its next two weekends. 

However, Bieber’s latest effort, ‘Sorry’, is set for a much smaller opening weekend than its predecessor, as it only took in $1.4 million. 

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Bieber told the publication that the failure to achieve the lofty mark is “disappointing” as he hopes the film can continue to reach more people. 

“I’ve been trying to keep it fun and light,” he said.

“I hope it’ll keep on making more money.

We want to make more. 

We want to keep making more.” 

The song is a reinterpretation of a hit by pop music icon Prince, which was penned and performed by Bieber in his 2013 album ‘Bad Romance’. 

Bieber and Prince collaborated on the song in 2014, and the singer shared a video of the two performing the track during a performance in front of Prince fans. 

BubbleGum and Bieber have been working on a new album for several years and have said they plan to release a collaborative album this year. 

After the success of the album, which featured hits such as ‘Bad Religion’, ‘Let Me Love You’ and ‘Baby Got Back’, they released their third album, entitled ‘Love Yourself’. 

But in a series of interviews with Rolling Stones magazine in February 2018, Bieber revealed that he had been working to complete his third album in four years. 

He said: “I’ve just got to make sure I’m in the best possible shape, so I’ll be writing my next album in the next couple of years.”

I can’t be doing a third album because it’s the third one.

I just have to be focusing on the third album.” 

In April 2019, Bieber announced he was leaving the music industry and entering rehab to deal with drug and alcohol addiction. 

Despite the setbacks, Bieber is now back on the road with a string of concerts scheduled for this month. 

Meanwhile, the video for his latest song, ‘Too Good’, was released today. 

Justin Bieber is performing the song ‘Too Bad’ as part of the video campaign for his third studio album ‘Love Yourself’. 

The video is a mashup of Justin Bieber and Prince. 

Fans can watch the video below. 

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