When Discuz became the ‘official’ app for Android phones, a conversation began about what it means to be a Discuz user

Discuz has always been the official app for iOS devices.

Now, Discuz can be used on Android devices.

Discuz’ co-founder, Evan Williams, says that’s because it has more than enough users for the app to become a regular feature in Android devices as the app becomes more popular.

“I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, but I don’t think I can say it out loud yet,” Williams told Digital Trends in a phone interview.

“Discuz is really popular on Android, and the app is actually very popular in Android as well,” he added.

“We’ve seen that people love it, and it is one of the top apps on the Play Store.”

The app is really really popular, and people really want to use it.

We think that we can build something really cool and popular for Android, which is why we started working on it.

“Discuz started out as an iOS app, and now it has become the default app for users who own Android devices, but it’s still very much a work in progress.

The first step for a new app is for it to be officially licensed by Google Play, and then it must be approved by the app store’s reviewers before it can be published.

Williams said that when Discuz was first created in 2010, the developers only thought of iOS as a target.”

Then I started hearing about iOS games and then I started getting into games that I think are great.””

It wasn’t really a big deal.

Then I started hearing about iOS games and then I started getting into games that I think are great.”

But it wasn’t until I was making the first few games that people really started talking about Android.

“Discus and Android are very different.

Discuz uses a unique way to share information and links to different parts of the Discuz site.

This means users can access different parts and see different parts in a different way.

It’s a feature that Google has already been working on with other apps, and in May, the company announced that it would add more ways to share things with its users, including links to other apps.

This kind of integration means that users are able to access more information on Discuz in a way that makes them feel like they’re actually part of the community, Williams said.

It also makes it easier for users to make changes to the app, so that it works with the changes that they’ve made.”

This kind the kind of way the app would be used is different to other Android apps,” he said, explaining that it allows users to be more proactive in how they use the app.”

You don’t have to wait for Google to approve a new feature before you can do that, but there are times when that kind of transparency might be more helpful than others.

“Discussions with Google were a long and slow process, Williams told us, but he believes that it’s working as planned.

The next step for Discuz is to launch an official app, but for now, users can sign up for a beta to try it out, and we will be following up with more details.”

We are just getting started on that, and really trying to get that out to users as soon as we can,” Williams said, adding that there’s still a long way to go.”

There’s a lot of work to be done, but we’re on track to make this the most popular app on Android.