“It’s official: The world is getting a new set of Star Wars fans”

An announcement about a new Star Wars-themed disc-themed collection is making the rounds today.

The announcement, from Funko, is about a Star Wars collectible figurine that will include three new figures: Darth Vader, a “space marine” character who is not included in the existing collectible figures, Darth Maul and Han Solo.

The figurines will be available for preorder through Funko’s website, and the price of the figurines is $69.99.

The announcement of the new collection comes after Disney’s decision to make a deal with Funko.

The new Disney Infinity 2.0 and Disney Infinity 3.0 figures will now be available through Disney Store and Disney+ to fans who preorder their figures.

Previously, Disney Infinity products only worked for people who had purchased an Infinity Starter Pack.

The new collection includes a Darth Vader figure and two figures from the upcoming Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes line: Han Solo and Darth Maul.

There will also be two new figures from Marvel: Black Widow and the Black Panther.

The Disney Infinity collection is not available to buy right now.

The deal with Disney and Funko is a big win for fans.

For a limited time, you can get a new, exclusive collectible figure in Disney Infinity and a new Marvel: Avengers set with Disney+, while you can also get a Star Trek: Bridge Crew set with both.

The deals with Disney include a Disney Infinity-themed “Star Wars” figure and Disney’s Star Trek Star Trek Adventure: The Next Generation figures.