What’s the best way to celebrate the first year of Ramadan?

On the first day of Ramadan, people across the world are celebrating their fast and their Muslim holiday.

The new calendar for Ramadan shows how different times of the day, different people and different places in the world have been celebrating.

This Ramadan calendar is a bit different, it shows that the different people around the world in different countries, different cultures, different places all have different things that they want to celebrate, and I think that’s the great thing about Ramadan.

The calendar also shows that people are taking part in a lot of things.

This year, for example, I was at the mall with my daughter in Turkey, and we had to go back to my hotel to do some shopping.

We’re all having a great time.

We’ve been celebrating the first week of Ramadan in Turkey with some friends, and people are doing amazing things, and it’s a great celebration.

But I think the calendar is very, very helpful for understanding that.

We’re celebrating different things, different holidays.

I’m going to be celebrating Ramadan with my friends in Saudi Arabia, and so we’re celebrating with a different calendar, so it’s easier to see where to go to celebrate different things.

But it’s the same calendar, and that’s great.

The people around us in the Middle East and Africa, they’ve been doing a great job.

I was in Turkey last week, and everybody’s doing great.

I think we all want to see how this calendar is going to affect us and our families, because I think it’s really important that we see how Ramadan impacts everybody in different ways.

We know what it is, and the way we celebrate it and how to deal with it.

We can’t just go to a place and just say, “Oh, I’ll go and celebrate the Eid holiday.”

We have to take into account the other people around.

I love Ramadan, and Ramadan has made me more confident.

I know how to celebrate it, I know the rules, I love Eid.

And I think Ramadan has been really important for me, because Ramadan is just the beginning.

It’s a long journey, but it’s also the beginning of something new.

So, I think there’s so much more to be done, and hopefully, we can make it a bigger celebration, a bigger community celebration, and really the beginning, and maybe the end, of a lot more new things.

So, what is Ramadan?

It’s a holiday that Muslims observe in the Islamic calendar, with one exception: the first of the month, which is called the month of Jumada, which means “the month of fasting.”

Jumada is a time for fasting, a time of fasting.

And in Islamic tradition, it is a month in which people don’t eat, they don’t drink, they’re not doing any kind of strenuous activities, they have a fast that lasts about seven days.

So that means people have to be fasting for a very long period of time.

So if we’re not fasting, we’re supposed to be doing something else, so fasting is a part of what Ramadan is about.

It starts on the first Friday of Ramadan.

It starts at midnight, and lasts for seven days, so the first Thursday of Ramadan is called “the first of Juma,” the month.

It ends on the third Thursday of the fourth month, “the last of Jummada,” “the night of Eid.”

It starts on Friday, so people are not allowed to come out until midnight.

It goes on till the last Friday of the seventh month, the night of Diwan.

Then, people are allowed to leave the mosque, go to the mosque at a certain time, go out in public.

And then they are allowed again to come in and eat and drink in public until midnight, then they have to fast.

The next two days of Ramadan are known as “Taba,” or the three days of fasting, and they’re actually two different days.

The first day is called Ramadan, which begins on Friday and ends on Saturday.

The second day is Ramadan, with a difference.

On Saturday, people fast until noon, and on Sunday, they fast until 2 a.m.

The third day is a day of celebration.

People fast until 6 a.mee (or 1 a.d.).

On the fourth day, Ramadan ends with the night when people go to sleep.

On the third day of the four days of Diwara, people go back home.

The next day is the night where people go on a pilgrimage to Mecca, the city of the Muslims.

So this is a special time of Ramadan for Muslims.

And the next day of Diwuara, the day of fasting for Muslims, is known as Diwan, the last day of fast for Muslims at home.

And people do not go out at all until midnight on the fourth of Diwa, the ninth day


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