Discuz x2 english,x3 template download title DiscuZx2 English template,x2 template download

Discuz template Download for Windows,Mac OS X,Linux,and more. Fixed an issue that caused the app to not work for some users.

1:1.1 Version 1.2: Fixed the “unsupported” error message when installing to a different folder.

1 to 1.0.3: Added support for Windows 10.

Fixed an “invalid input” issue with some users, which caused the application to crash when attempting to edit data in a folder.

Fixed a “semi-recursive” issue that was causing some users to get stuck at the download stage.

Added support in the form of a “sorting filter” that allows you to sort your files by a predefined list of attributes.

Added “Sorting Filters” section in the Data section to help you sort by a variety of attributes (such as a “size”, “title”, “artist”, “year”, or “year of release”).

Improved the way the app displays the “Uninstall” screen.

Fixed “missing data” issue when the user uninstalls the app.

Fixed the issue that prevented some users from using the “Add/Remove” feature.

Fixed some of the problems with the “sorted” filter.

Fixed issues with the sorting filter when searching for files in the folder.

Improved the user interface, including improved scrolling and improved layout.

Fixed certain issues with “sorts”.

1.02: Fixed “unable to install due to file system permission” errors.

Fixed missing data issue with the user.

1 :1.01 Version 1: Fixed some “saved” errors when attempting a new installation.

Fixed minor bugs.

1 2: Fixed issue with “Unsupported” messages when using the App Manager.

Fixed issue when trying to install to a non-existent directory.

Fixed error with “semester,add,remove” when trying the “Delete” feature when trying install the “Data” section.

Fixed display issues when trying “Sorted” filters when searching files.

Fixed various other bugs.