How to keep your favorite Twitter accounts up-to-date with new releases

Discuz has updated its Twitter app to include the latest releases from major labels and streaming services.

The app’s latest release is the critically acclaimed new album by the Canadian band The xx, which arrives this Friday, July 24.

Users can tap a song’s title, artist, album or genre to see more information about the release, as well as the album’s Twitter hashtag.

The app also includes a “favorite artist” feature, where users can choose from a large selection of artists and artists’ tweets.

Users can then click “favorite artists” to find new artists or artists’ Tweets, and “favorite albums” to see a curated collection of songs and albums from a specific artist or artist’s band.

Users can also bookmark a song, artist or album to revisit that specific tweet.

Discuz also includes several other features, including the ability to subscribe to artists and albums, and to follow artists and their releases.

The Verge has reached out to Discuz for comment.