When will the Senate get the answers it needs about the Trump dossier?

Breitbart News reports: When will we get the full Senate confirmation hearing on the Trump Dossier?

The Senate Judiciary Committee has scheduled a hearing for Friday morning, September 27, at 10 a.m. in the Senate Committee on the Judiciary.

It will be a hearing on a redacted version of the dossier, a summary of which was sent to President Donald Trump’s campaign team by a former British intelligence agent.

The full dossier was provided to the Senate Intelligence Committee by the intelligence community.

This redacted version was submitted to the Trump campaign in March.

The Senate Intelligence committee has a special investigative team on the case, led by Senator Dianne Feinstein.

They are looking into the Trump/Russia connection, as well as any potential conflicts of interest.

The dossier is classified, but it was reportedly compiled and provided by an intelligence source who is now in Russia, the Daily Beast reported.

It has been circulating in the media since at least March, and was reportedly prepared by a retired intelligence officer with ties to the Russian government.

In its redacted version, the dossier was allegedly provided to Trump by the British spy, Christopher Steele.

It was obtained by Buzzfeed last week and the Washington Post has published it, but Buzzfeed’s story did not include any source information.

However, the Washington Examiner, which broke the Buzzfeed scoop, said the dossier is based on a “very unverified” dossier by a man with ties, according to the Examiner, who asked to remain anonymous because of the sensitive nature of the matter.

The Daily Beast’s report did not mention any of the intelligence sources or the dossier’s alleged author.

However the Washington Times and Breitbart News have also reported on the dossier and its alleged author and his ties to Russia.

The Trump/Putin connection The Daily Show and The Washington Examiner both noted that there is “no proof” that the dossier includes any of President Donald J. Trump’s personal or financial ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin, according a statement from the Trump Organization.

The story also did not disclose that the Trump team sent the dossier to the White House in March of 2016.

This is in line with what President Donald Trumps son Donald Trump Jr. told The New York Times in a statement released on Wednesday, August 22, that the entire dossier is “basically an absolute fabrication,” which was “published to further the campaign’s narrative.”

It was reported in August 2016 that President Donald’s son Donald Jr. was set up to receive the dossier on behalf of the Trump transition team by British intelligence officer Christopher Steele, who also provided the Trump Tower meeting between then-candidate Trump and Russian President Vladmir Putin.

Trump Jr.’s statement is the first to explicitly mention the dossier.

In a tweet, President Donald Jr., who has not previously disclosed his contact with the dossier source, said he “never met the person or persons named in the dossier.”

“This is the kind of stuff that gets you into trouble, but there is no evidence that this dossier was fabricated or that the information contained therein was true,” Trump Jr., said in his tweet.

However it is also not known what information the dossier sources provided to Donald Trump was.

This version of events could lead to questions over the source of the information, if the dossier does not include a specific source, as is the case with the full dossier.

If the dossier were true, it would not be the first time the Trump administration sought to get in contact with a foreign government.

During the 2016 campaign, the Trump Team sought out Russian intelligence for information about Hillary Clinton, according, the New York Post.

The U.S. government’s relationship with Russia is fraught with tensions.

Trump, who has previously praised Russian President Putin, is known for his willingness to discuss any political or military issues with Russia.

President Donald trumps son, Donald Jr, and former President Donald Sr. spoke at the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, in October 2016.

During that summit, Trump made it clear he wanted to talk to Putin.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, Trump told Putin he was “going to make great deals with Russia,” which would include a “great relationship” with Russia, a “long-term alliance,” and the “destruction of ISIS.”

Trump’s “Russia problem” The Washington Post reports that a memo prepared for President Donald trump, Jr. on June 12, 2017, stated that “Russian President Vladimir [Putin] has been paying the bills” for Trump’s businesses, which included a Trump hotel in Moscow.

Trump then told his son that “he was going to get paid” by Putin.

It is unclear if the memo was prepared for Trump by his father, or if he read it.

The Washington Times reported that the memo also detailed Trump’s financial dealings in Russia and indicated he was interested in a partnership with a Russian oligarch, Dmitry Rybolovlev, the owner of the Miss Universe pageant, the Miss USA pageant, and the Miss Teen USA beauty pageant.

The memo also stated that


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