Aussie tech company launches new website for disc-based streaming service

Disc-based video streaming services like Netflix, Spotify and Apple Music are all gaining ground in Australia, as companies look to fill the void left by Amazon Prime Video and YouTube.

The new Disc-Hub, launched by discuz, is a dedicated streaming platform for Australian users.

The site features all the services available in Australia: Netflix, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube and Pandora.

It is aimed at disc-retainers, disc-lovers and anyone who has lost their old VHS tape collection.

“Disc-based services have become a necessity for Australians to get their content,” said David Wilkins, Discuz co-founder and chief executive officer.

“It is time to create an Australian-focused streaming service that is as easy to use as any of the others.

Discuz is an easy way to browse and enjoy our catalogue of music, movies, TV shows and more.”

Discuz also provides free online access to Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music, YouTube, YouTube Red and Spotify Premium.

The company’s launch in Australia comes as the country moves to a more digital-based approach, with Netflix launching a new app in the country.

The app, called Queer Queer, allows users to search for movies and TV shows by genre and rating and uploads them to their personal Netflix account.

It can also be used to stream music on other services such as Spotify and Google Play.

Discuz is a small player in Australia’s online video market.

The largest player, Spotify in Australia (currently valued at more than $2 billion), is valued at around $4 billion.

The most popular service in Australia is Apple Music.

The iTunes Store is valued by some at $5 billion.

DiscusHub is being launched by Discuz, a small startup based in Melbourne, with an estimated turnover of just under $300,000.

It was established in 2015 and is now backed by Australian investment firm CVC.

It has partnered with iTunes, Amazon and Google to develop the Discuz Hub, and with an ambitious plan to eventually make the service available to every Australian user.

“In a world of infinite possibilities, finding the right disc to play, and the right video format to watch, is critical for our users,” said Wilkins.

“We are launching DiscuzHub as a way to provide an accessible, convenient, and comprehensive online video library for Australians.”

The Discuz team is also working on its own music service, which it hopes to launch in 2019.

DiscusHub has already attracted a number of artists to the site, including the likes of The Killers, The xx, Mumford & Sons and St Vincent.


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