‘The Walking Dead’ fans are the ones that saved ‘The Sopranos’

By MICHAEL SCHULZ, AP Entertainment WriterAUGUSTA, Ga.

— As the second season of The Walking Dead began, many fans were waiting anxiously for the second episode to premiere.

But they’re not waiting anymore.

That’s because AMC announced on Sunday that fans in Georgia who purchased the season pass through the website AMC.com will get an early peek at the second half of the season on Tuesday, August 23 at 10 p.m.


This is the first time AMC has announced that the second installment of its hit zombie drama will be released in Georgia.

AMC says the first episode of season two, titled “Fallout,” will air in Georgia on Tuesday.

Season 2 of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, which premieres Sunday, July 19, will be available on AMC.

The streaming service has not yet announced whether it will debut The Walking.

The show has also not been renewed.

While most of the world was still reeling from the death of the beloved characters, fans were hoping that The Walking dead would finally be back, which fans believe was part of the reason AMC decided to launch the season with Georgia in mind.

The series has been a hit with viewers and critics alike, so AMC decided not to put any Georgia episodes on the schedule.

AMC said that the Georgia episode is scheduled for a premiere on Tuesday morning.

The second season will include an entirely new cast of characters, including one who is a zombie named “Mockingjay” and the return of a new character, “Cousin Sam.”

The Walking dead season two will premiere in the United States on AMC on Tuesdays, Aug. 23 at 8 p.ms.

ET on AMC, Hulu and Netflix.

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The Walking death toll is still high, but the show is set to be a huge success with over 30 million viewers across its four seasons.