Here’s the weirdest thing that’s happened in the last 24 hours!

Net discuz has been up for about five days now.

It’s been a pretty crazy week for the social network.

A couple of weeks ago, it became the first thing I checked when I logged in to Facebook.

It was the most popular thing on the site.

Now it’s down for the week and the most-visited thing on Facebook.

I have to admit, I’m pretty surprised to see Net Discuz down.

Its still in my top-20 most-popular things on Facebook, so it seems like it’s trending on Facebook the way it is on Twitter.

Its also trending on Instagram, which has about 3.5 million followers.

I think it’s a pretty good sign for the next few weeks that Net Discoz is getting some attention.

Net Discez has become one of the most buzzed-about social media platforms of the last few months.

The site has gotten some big hits, like the video of the woman who said she was raped by her boyfriend who allegedly posted a photo of her and his penis, and the video where a man was arrested for posting a video of himself raping a woman on the internet.

But Net Discos downfall also comes from a number of other things.

First, Net Discs creator and CEO Aaron Blau, who runs the company, has a history of saying terrible things about women.

He also has a pretty controversial history with some women.

For instance, he has said that women are better off if they don’t have children and if they aren’t raped.

That led to a pretty nasty backlash from a lot of women who had seen the video and decided to speak out.

He has also said that some women are “picky” and that he “might be a little bit racist.”

Net Discuz, which is owned by Facebook, also has been accused of making money off of advertising on its own website.

Blau has been on the receiving end of a lot more negative press than Net Disc.

The company’s founder has called the site a “cancer” and said it was “a bunch of misogynistic garbage.”


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