Discuz plugin makes it easy to save your own health info

By Dr. James DeSilva-Rohlfert, M.D.

In the past decade, discuz has been used in more than 200 million patient care settings across the U.S. to store patient health information.

Now, the company is bringing the tool to its home page.

Discuz can save a variety of health information on your device, and even save your personal information if you use the same device.

In an email to customers, the healthcare app’s team said that when you download Discuz for free from the iTunes App Store, you can use it to save health information, health-related questions, and other health-relevant information.

You can also use Discuz to:Save your health history.

Save the date of your next appointment.

Track your weight.

Track the health of your friends and family.

The company said it will soon add more tools to the app to save the data, and it’s now making it easier for users to save information on the device.

The company is already working on a number of new features for the app, including one that allows users to set an alert when a health check comes in that requires a doctor’s signature.

When you get an alert, the app will automatically open the health check in the “What is your current status?” section of your app settings.

That section includes a list of what kind of check you have, how many steps you’ve taken, how often you’ve visited, and your overall health.

The app can also automatically save questions and answers that you have saved, so that they can be saved with the patient.

Discuz is a new app from Discuz, a healthcare startup that’s based in Boston, Massachusetts.

The app allows users in the United States to store their health information as well as their personal information, and is powered by a cloud service that is run by the same team behind HealthVault.

The service lets users download a health-tracking app, and then share their data with other users.

The new app allows you to save any health-status question or answer that you can save with your medical history, which is what the app does with the health-info you save on the phone.

You can also save your current weight, your blood pressure, your cholesterol, and many other health metrics, the discuz team said.

The health info can be used for other purposes, too, the team said, including for health screenings, when you need to know if a prescription is on the way, or even for the purpose of keeping track of a specific type of surgery, such as hip replacement.

Disciz is available for Android and iOS, with the company working to make it available in the U


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