Why Canadians aren’t buying cars, but they’re still buying condos

The Globe and Mail is reporting that Canadian car sales have dropped to the lowest levels in nearly five years, and a new survey shows that condo sales are growing.

A new survey released this week shows that Canadians are still buying homes, but are moving away from cars.

The survey of 2,400 Canadians found that in the first quarter of 2018, only 35 per cent of Canadians were buying cars while 39 per cent were moving away.

The average purchase price of a home in Canada dropped 3.4 per cent year-over-year to $1,965,000.

Sales of condos fell 3.6 per cent, while sales of houses jumped 6.4%.

“It’s still the case that the demand for condos is very high, and the supply of them is quite high,” said Michael Knaus, a senior vice president at BMO Capital Markets, which conducted the survey.

But, he added, the growth in condo sales is “not really reflected by the demand.”

“We’re seeing a real change in the Canadian housing market and condo demand has been quite flat,” said Knauss, who said the market is a little more vulnerable than it was last year because of a global economic downturn.

“But at the same time, you’re seeing the demand of condos going up.”

The latest BMO survey shows condo prices have risen for the second year in a row, but the market for homes is still a little less expensive than it once was.

In the second quarter, the average sale price of condos was $1.9 million, while the average purchase was $2.9-million.

A buyer can get as high as $1 million for a condominium, but Knaiss said condos are still a lot more expensive than homes.

“If you buy a home and then you live in a condo for six months, you are not going to be able to afford to buy a new home,” he said.

While condo sales may be shrinking, condo sales have been on the rise for the last year, and Knass said the number of condo buyers has grown since the election.

Sales rose 9.2 per cent to a record $9.85-billion in the second half of 2017, and condo prices rose 5.3 per cent.

“The trend is clearly in the condo market,” Knauses said.

He said the biggest risk to the condo-buying public in 2018 is the government’s policy of selling new condominiums at a profit, because condo sales tend to be more expensive because of the tax breaks that come with them.

Condo-building in Canada has been growing steadily since the mid-1990s, but condo sales still lag behind home building.

According to the Canadian Real Estate Association, the number and price of new condos in Canada increased by 15.5 per cent between 2009 and 2017.

A recent survey by Re/Max found that a majority of Canadians believe that a condo will become more popular as the housing market improves.

But the survey found that just over one-quarter of Canadians said they would buy a condo in the future, while 26 per cent said they wouldn’t.

The number of new condo units in Canada is expected to increase from 1,921,500 in 2017 to 2,831,100 in 2021.

How to delete posts from your Facebook page without the post removal tools

If you are one of the millions of Americans who have yet to receive an email from Facebook regarding your account being flagged for violating its terms of service, the chances are you’ve already received a warning email.

If you’re not sure if you have received one, check the “Report an Abuse” box on the top right corner of the message.

If you are not yet aware that you have been flagged for abuse, you can start to investigate.

The first step is to find out if you’ve received a message like the one below, which was sent to my account by Facebook on May 13.

The message in the above image states that the content of my account violated Facebook’s Terms of Service, which includes a provision prohibiting “conduct that is not authorized or condoned by Facebook.”

This provision is part of a broader list of terms that the social network has deemed abusive.

If Facebook believes your conduct is not acceptable, it may flag your account and ban you from using the platform.

In order to be permanently banned from Facebook, a user must have engaged in conduct that is “unwelcome, inappropriate, abusive, threatening, hateful, defamatory, or otherwise objectionable.”

While it is not necessary to follow the instructions in the Facebook message to find a flag, many users have found the message helpful in finding the reason why their account has been flagged.

For example, in response to a user posting about the flagging of my Facebook page, a post was made by the user to Facebook’s community page titled “What happened to my FB account?”

The post included screenshots of messages and screenshots of posts that were posted by my account to Facebook, along with screenshots of Facebook posts that had been flagged by the account.

A user called jacobs posted a screenshot of the flaging message to Facebook.

“I thought I had a good reason why I was flagged for this, and it wasn’t clear from the email that it was the reason,” said jacob.

“The first message said I was violating the terms of my service, but the second message said the content was offensive, so it was a bit confusing.”

When jacbobs sent the email, Facebook had flagged the account because it was “inciting violence” against the U.S. government.

jacbs account was then suspended.

After the suspension, jacos account was reinstated.

When I contacted Facebook about the email and requested to see my account status, I received a response from a representative, who told me that my account was flagged because it contained “violence and/or hate speech” and was “not approved by Facebook for posting.”

A spokesperson for Facebook told me, “We take reports of abuse extremely seriously and work with law enforcement to address them.

We’re working to ensure that all accounts we review are flagged as quickly as possible and flagged in the appropriate way.”

While the flag was placed on my account for violating Facebook’s terms of use, it was not removed.

Instead, it remained on my Facebook account for seven days.

When Facebook removed the flag, my account appeared back on Facebook.

I contacted my account manager, and he explained that my Facebook flag was not “effective,” and that I was only flagged once the account was permanently banned.

The manager said the flag should be removed immediately.

Facebook also informed me that the flag had been removed from my account and my Facebook profile.

When my account became permanent banned from the platform, I was not notified of my status change or of my ability to appeal it.

Facebook told Breitbart News that it will investigate this incident and will take appropriate action against the account owner for violating the company’s terms.

Facebook is an easy target for abuseThe fact that Facebook has repeatedly failed to take action against accounts that violate its terms has raised questions about whether it has a policy that specifically allows for this kind of abuse.

The company has repeatedly refused to address the problem.

Instead of addressing the issue, Facebook has made it easier to abuse its users.

Facebook’s terms specifically state that it has no authority to censor content.

In response to these concerns, Facebook created a tool that allows users to submit complaints about their account being suspended.

However, even if the platform can suspend an account for violations of its terms, it cannot delete the content from the account and take it down.

The only way to delete content from a Facebook account is through a third party.

If a user reports a violation of its Terms of Use, Facebook may flag the user’s account, remove it from the Facebook service, or temporarily suspend it.

While Facebook does not explicitly provide users with the option to flag an account, users can do so by following the instructions on the site’s “Report a Abuse” page.

The “Report An Abuse” section includes instructions on how to flag the account, the actions it has taken against it, and the specific content that the account violates.

Users are not required to report content that they


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